minimalist rustic raw ring // $20
Earth, Wind & Fire - September
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September-Earth Wind & Fire

mom i just want to be in a band

human beans in a mob

today i listened to la roux’s trouble in paradise around 10 times i’m just so in love


AHHH sorry i just saw this but you’re one of my favorite people and i love you so so much!! en serio ay i think you’re so sweet and funny and i hate when you make sad posts or you feel bad because i want to comfort you. i also love your taste in music and the way you write, i think you’re so mature and really wise and sensitive show me ur ways


when ur with ur best friend



this is so overlooked


you’re grey and beautiful and super shady but still cool i hope i know who you are one day


bye i feel weird writing this in english but even though we talk every day i miss seeing you on tumblr ay i just care about you a lot and i’m glad to know you’re going to start a new chapter in your life because you deserve to be so soso happy tkm you may not know it but you’re so smart and very beautiful


you’re a really cool person and you’re so so talented, i’m offended. i also think you have a great taste in music and i like going on your sometimes oops. but i definitely think we should talk more 8)

Koji Kondo - Dire, Dire Docks
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